So unhappy

I haven’t written about work on here in over a year, and I try hard not to, but right now I’m going to write about it.

We are currently preparing a deck for a briefing meeting where we are the ones being briefed.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  We should show up, look pretty, and listen to what our clients say.  Then in about a month we should go back to them and present our plans.  At that point we should give them learnings, recommendations, and competitive learnings.  It makes no sense to me to do it in the briefing meeting.  No sense. 

Also, my boss seems to hate me, won’t talk to me and has someone else talk to me for her.  She takes my work and gives it to someone else because she says I can’t complete it on time, yet she doesn’t know how to do a lot of what I do and doesn’t realize things take time.  I can’t have most things for you in 10 minutes.  We butt heads and we’re both stubborn.  I refuse to change my habits to habits that I think are bad.  I have talked to people about how unhappy I am on this account, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  We are under staffed and I am needed where I am.  I wonder if they’ll think the same thing if I quit because of where I am.  Hunting now.


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