The Recession

I am so tired of hearing people say “with the economy the way it is…” or some variation of that phrase.  There is always an economy.  We are in a recession, not an economy.  We have been a recession for a year.  It’s like people are afraid to say that.  It might be a little scary, but there are a lot of worse things – look at all the things our country did after the great depression…and we’re not even in s depression!  I hear “with the economy” or “in this economy” so many times a day and it’s getting on my nerves.  There is always an economy.  This is a recession.  Call it what it is.


One response to “The Recession

  1. “the way the economy is” is the appropriate term . . . the economy is in a recession.

    I’m sure if you heard “Because of the recession” all the time that too . . . would get on your nerves.

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