Blue Ray not catching on

I’m not a supporter of Blue Ray and I have developed a theory for why it is not catching on the way the Blue-Ray Disc Association is hoping.  I’m sure Christmas helped sales slightly, but they have been avaiable to buy for at least a year now and I still only know of one person who owns one.

The way I see it is you can’t ask consumers to refresh their technology every 8-10 years.  If a new form of music playing/listening device came out right now, I wouldn’t buy it, my iPod is great.  I think this is relevant because I am somewhat of an “early adopter.”  I’ve been on Facebook for 5 years, I’ve had an iPod since 2003, I had a cell phone in 1999, etc.

We had VHS tapes for something like 20 years, maybe more, then DVD players came out and we all bought DVDs.  We’ve had those for about 8 years.  Now electronics manufacturers are asking consumers to buy Blue Ray players and blue ray discs.  Is it really worth it for me to spend $1000, if not more to buy a player and discs to update my current library?  I think no.  If VHS became outdated in 20 years and DVDs have become outdated in 8 years, how do I know blue ray discs will be around more than 5 years before the “next best thing” comes aroung?  Why would I bother investing my money??

Now, I can understand if these companies stop producing DVDs and produce/sell only Blue Ray, then I will be left with no choice, but I can only see that happening if people suddenly start buying Blue Ray.  Why would manufacturers try to sell something that is irrelevant or unsuccessful (i.e. HD DVDs)?

So, in short – I’m still not onthe blue ray train.  There is some more convincing to be done.


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