Monthly Archives: March 2009

Palm Pre

So Sprint and Palm have yet to publicly announce a release day. I, however, found out from a source close to the product that it will definitely be released mid-May. No pricing information though. I think if it’s under $250 I will buy it. Any more than that I have a hard time justifying paying for it when I can get an iPhone for that. We’ll see what they do.



Allison Sweeney Biggest Loser Hat

Saw this hat on The Biggest Loser Tuesday night and I LOVE it. I want to make it…and I think I know what yarn I will use. We’ll see if I can replicate it.


A Fire Truck Escort

So the other night I left work with a co-worker to go downtown and play bar trivia. We got in the cab and shortly thereafter a fire truck followed by an FDNY suburban came along. Traffic parted and they passed us. My coworker made a comment about having arranged an escort for us. I suppose the cab driver thought this was a smart idea, so he tailed the suburban for about 5 blocks. Then I was thrown up onto the glass separating my face and his seat. The suburban had slammed on their brakes causing our driver to do the same and just narrowly miss hitting them.

The firemen in the passenger side got out, quickly stalked to our drivers window and demanded: “Show me a hack license. Give me your hack license!” The driver gave it to him and he said, “You can come pick this up at 44th and 8th.” They then went through the red light and we sat there dumbfounded. I knew what he was doing was totally wrong, but it was amusing. Amazing! Best thing I witnessed all night.

Great Dane

So I have decided to get a great dane. Not necessarily in the immediate future, but eventually. When I do, I want to name him Batman. I alao eventually want to get a miniature pinscher. I would then name him Robin. During the day I would call Batman Bruce.


What I did this weekend:

I finished a pair of mittens for a mitten exchange I participated in:


In return I was given these:


I also finished a hat I was making:


The Frick Collection

I recently went to the Frick Collection with my roomie, tbf and a friend. It is free on Sundays, so we all went to church and went to the Frick after. I loved it! It was a house a family owned until the 1920s or something and the museum has worked very hard to preserve the sense of the house. Much of the art is of the Fricks’ own collection and all fits together really well. I especially enjoyed observing the furniture, the ser ups of the room, the fireplace log holders, the books, the knobs on the windows, etc.

There were quite a few people there, but that’s to be expected because Sundays are free between 11 and 1. I would definitely go back and look at it all again. I think my favorite piece was a bell they had in a glass case. I don’t know why I loved it so much, it was just so pretty.

I also loved that because the Frick used to be a residence it was small. I don’t have the patience to spend 5 or 6 hours in a museum, so this was perfect as far as time spent. I definitely recommend that if you’re into are you visit the Frick.

The switch to wind energy

West Texas Wind Farm

This weekend I was in the East Village with my roommate and we stopped into a store that has all eco friendly/recycled goods. She wanted another small bag that she can keep in her purse so when she buys something she doesn’t have to get a plastic bag or whatever.

While we were waiting to check out this guy started talking to us about our power. We have ConEd which is such a total rip off scheme. He asked us if we knew we could specify what energy source we preferred our power to come from. Neither of us did. He said if you don’t specify it’s a default mix of oil and coal, but you can choose to have all wind energy if you want to. He told us it is about a 10% increase in your bill, but my thought is really, when you’re paying $100 a month, what’s another $10??

So, on Sunday we made the switch so that our apartment is powered by wind. I’m excited about it and can’t help but think of the wind farm that was built on 84 and I-20 that I used to pass on my way home from college. So very cool.

Just in case anyone else reading this is in NYC and interested in converting to wind power, his info is:
Sam Carroll:
(646) 457-9320 (cell)

At least check it out.