A Fire Truck Escort

So the other night I left work with a co-worker to go downtown and play bar trivia. We got in the cab and shortly thereafter a fire truck followed by an FDNY suburban came along. Traffic parted and they passed us. My coworker made a comment about having arranged an escort for us. I suppose the cab driver thought this was a smart idea, so he tailed the suburban for about 5 blocks. Then I was thrown up onto the glass separating my face and his seat. The suburban had slammed on their brakes causing our driver to do the same and just narrowly miss hitting them.

The firemen in the passenger side got out, quickly stalked to our drivers window and demanded: “Show me a hack license. Give me your hack license!” The driver gave it to him and he said, “You can come pick this up at 44th and 8th.” They then went through the red light and we sat there dumbfounded. I knew what he was doing was totally wrong, but it was amusing. Amazing! Best thing I witnessed all night.


One response to “A Fire Truck Escort

  1. That’s hilarious because what you cabby was doing was extremely illegal.

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