Dead body in the East River?


In the morning when I’m getting ready for work I look out my window at the city or the pier outside or whatever. The pier has multiple little piers that jut out and there are always people out there walking their dog or running or stretching. I can usually tell what the weather is like by looking at the sky and what they’re wearing.

This morning I saw 5 firefighters walking out onto the pier; they split up and each took an area, looking in the water while walking out onto the pier. I guess one of them found what they were looking for because about 10 more firefighters went running to where he was. Then I saw cops walking over. While I was walking to the subway a helicopter flew over and tbf said before he left a police boat showed up. Nothing is in the news, but I want to know what happened. I’m thinking East River…dead body. It was probably the mafia.


2 responses to “Dead body in the East River?


    Eyewtiness saw the body, apparently that of a blond male. Cannot find anything anywhere else, though.

  2. Interesting. I asked the girl who works the door in my building about it the day after (cause she tends to know everything) and she said a man who was walking his dog from our building said it looked like a blond woman…so now we at least know it was a blond. :)

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