Oprah Visit

Friday, tbf and I went to the Oprah show. His sister works there and got us tickets. It was a show without guests in the studio which was a little weird.

When you get there, you go through a line where you check your coat (anything you take in the studio besides a purse you have to wear – can’t hold – and you can’t take it off). Then you go through a purse check where they go through and basically take out anything electronic and anything you could possible write on or with. They took my book, my DS…everything. They check it and you get it back when you leave the show. Next, you go into a waiting area and sit and talk until they are ready to seat you for the show. They call all the people who are sitting in the floor seats individually and before everyone “else.” The floor seats had a much, much higher concentration of black people/women than the rest of the audience, which the majority of was white.

I think I signed something that says I can’t talk about the show, so I won’t – but I will say all the guests were all “on” via Skype. (I think it’s really amusing that Skype is so big as of late – I learned about it fall of 2005.) The guest also had pretty depressing stories. There wasn’t much that was “inspiring” or “uplifting” about the show. At one point during a “commercial break,” she turned to the audience and said something to the effect of, “I’m so glad the world is so screwed up or I wouldn’t have a job.”

Afterward, Oprah was very talkative. There was some woman who was like worshiping her and kept telling her how she [Oprah] has made it ok for her [the woman] to be a black woman in society and be strong. She kept saying, “Like, you’re Oprah,” and “Don’t you know who you are?” These people worshiped her – very weird. Then there was a girl who stood up and was telling Oprah that she wanted to be her. Oprah said, “but you can’t be me, cause I am. You should be the best you.” She went on to ask her what she wanted to do with her life (she was 23) and the girl told her broadcasting. So Oprah asked what she was doing now and the girl said she was working in engineering. From there, Oprah sort of picked on her about the whole career thing and how she doesn’t think the girl actually wants to be in broadcasting or she would be doing everything she could to be there. She was like picking on her, but at the same time, clearly trying to get her to open her eyes and really figure things out. She then took pictures with the two woman and it was over. Back out to get the contents of my purse and my coat.

All in all it was a really cool experience to get to see how it’s all done and see what all the show entails. I enjoyed myself and would definitely go again. I’m sure that the experience is totally different with a guest physically on the show as well.

Oh, one thing I forgot: At some point during the taping, Oprah said she thinks Michelle Obama is the most qualified person to be the first lady, ever. Really Oprah, ever? Wouldn’t that really have been Martha Washington?


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  1. I want tickets :)

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