Express and Local Elevators


I work in an office where our company has 16 or 17 floors. Getting in the elevator first thing in the morning and around 5:30, you’re sure to stop at almost every floor. It’s kind of annoying, but what can you do?

There is something that happens in New York that is unique (in my knowledge) to this city and it’s one of those little charms I love. When you’ve stopped at 4 or 5 floors in a row, someone will inevitably, heavily sigh. Then someone else will remark that “we’ve caught the local.” This, of course is a reference to the subway (local trains stop at every station, express trains stop only at the major stations), which is why this only works in New York. This morning there was an entire conversation in the elevator about how we need express elevators.

These comments and conversations make me smile and I love that the city of New York seems to have its own little inside elevator joke.


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