Central Park Sunbathing

It was SO nice out this weekend. And hot! I laid out at Central Park on Saturday and got a little too much sun. I am so sunburned. My shoulders kill when I sleep.

My roomie came and met up with me and it was so nice just to lay out, read, people watch, etc. There were some people not far from us who were dancers and doing all these ballet moves/positions. There were of course people with footballs and frisbees. There were LOTS of girls who seemed to have made an impromptu trip and had stripped off their shirt or in some cases shirt and pants/skirt and were just in bras/underwear.

A hispanic guy with a really thick accent came up to my roommate and said, “excuse me? Can I dajou?” She said, what? and he said it again. She said, uh, no. I have a boyfriend. Sorry! and he walked away. Then the girl sitting next to us turned and said, did that really just happen??

Overall it was a great day in the park!


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