Smushed in the Subway Doors

Yesterday morning while on my way to work, the 7 train was very crowded, as it always is. New Yorkers never want to move into the middle of the car, because then they’re not as close to the doors and they can’t get off as quickly as they would like. Being the last stop across the river from Grand Central, this poses a problem because by this point the trains are very crowded. If people don’t move into the middle of the car, a lot of times there won’t be room for me to get on.

Yesterday was no exception and I was the last person from the bunch at our stop getting into the car. The people in front of me didn’t move far enough in and I was trying to squeeze in before the doors closed. The train driver, who of course is on a schedule, will close the doors to make his point that you need to get in or out. He closed the doors right on me and it hurt so bad. I should have just pushed the girl in front of me into the car, but I really didn’t even think about it until after.

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I noticed a bruise in a weird place on my arm and wondered how I got it. I didn’t figure out the answer until a few minutes ago when I discovered another bruise on my other arm. It’s long, thin and straight. It looks as if a subway door hit me there. Interesting.

Now I’m irritated that I have bruises. Next time I’m pushing the person in front of me into the train.


One response to “Smushed in the Subway Doors

  1. Last night I was coming from the wonderful book store “House Works” on crosby. I wanted to explore more of the city but the woman I was with needed to get home. So, we head for the 6 train going uptown at Bleecker Street. For the first time in ages I don’t have my metro card out before I descend the steps, so I am at the turnstile trying to make the train. The doors are closing I tell the woman to hold the door, the doors close on her, release, and as I am coming through the door smashes into my head. My mom told me to go to the emergency, my sis gave me ice for my head, a guy invited me to watch a movie with him, to stay up. What a nightmare! I have a fever, head pains, and probably a whole week of canceled fun! sorry about your bruises. But I say get in the middle, wiggle your way out, painfully embarrassing but a much needed act.


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