I lack motivation for working out

I need some sort of motivation. I’ve been going to the gym sporadically. Enough by other people’s standards I guess, but it’s really not enough. I used to be so good about getting up and going in the morning…and now I just can’t get my big, lazy butt out of bed. Then I end up getting busy and having events after work or staying late at work and not going in the evening. Last week I have some major resolve to go every day, and then I got sick, so I had to take it easy.

I wanted to get up and go this morning, but when my alarms went off I was so comfortable that I just crawled back into bed. It was great, and now I hate it.

I used to be so motivated to go to the gym every day. I think it was because I had someone I met there – someone who was keeping me accountable. Now I pretty much do it myself, and obviously no one is responsible for my working out, but I don’t have an addictive personality, I’m not addicted to working out. I like it, but sometimes I like other things more.

I really wish I had a gym buddy. Another girl who would be willing to go work out with me. Go to spin, go to pilates, watch tv on the eliptical, etc. I wish. I’m really frustrating myself, and yet I still can’t seem to make the tweaks I need to.


2 responses to “I lack motivation for working out

  1. I need to do the same… but can’t due to doctor’s orders.

  2. We made good gym buddies! I still haven’t gone like we use to!

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