Weight Loss


I weigh myself every time I go to the gym since I don’t have a scale. I know it’s more accurate to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, but that’s not when I go to the gym, and since I am consistent about when I weigh myself, I figure it can’t be that off.

So at the beginning of the year I weighed 137-138. I would say now on average I am about 133. I have managed to lose about 5 lbs, which I’m totally happy about. What girl wouldn’t be? Don’t we all want to lose weight no matter our size? Ok, maybe not all, but I’d say that’s a pretty consistent woman desire. I would really love to be about 125, so we’ll see what I can do. It’s all going to come down to exercise right now, because I’ve cut so much out of my diet already. I’m eating red meat once every couple weeks now, I haven’t had a Coke in months, I’ve replaced sugary sweets with fruit, I’m eating more vegetables and cooking more of my own food now (that also helps save money), I’m still not really eating fried foods since I gave that up for Lent. I’d say I am pretty disciplined about my diet.

For the most part, this desire for weight loss has come from a skirt I bought. I saw a skirt on the J Crew website that I had to have in Jan. They were sold out across the country – turns out Michelle Obama and I have the same taste – she wore it on a late night show she did an interview on. One night after being out with some friends and a few glasses of wine, I came home and ordered it from someone on EBay. I ordered a 4, cause that’s what I wear and when it came it was the smallest 4 EVER – like European size 4. I can’t wear the skirt as it, it will tear when I sit down, so I’m motivated to lose some of my ass because I really like the skirt. Oh the things women will do!


3 responses to “Weight Loss

  1. shut the fuck up about your weight already. nobody cares. talking about it on your blog is not going to remove the cellulite on your huge ass. i’d like to hear NOTHING about how skinny you think “you used to be”, and how little motivation you clearly have. rather, how about a BEFORE and AFTER picture when you’ve actually done something worth talking about?

  2. WoW that comment was really out of line… LAME. Apparently you care enough to read the blog and make a personal attack! How callous of you, X…

  3. Totally agree… X, you CLEARLY have nothing better to do – if you want to see before/after pictures go to NBC.com and look at The Biggest Losers, don’t go onto random blogs and post bitchy comments :)

    I like the idea of buying one piece of smaller clothing and using it as motivation for weight loss. Actually, Nicole from TBL season 7 did that and it worked!

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