So I have a broken capillary on the right side of my nose. It goes straight out from my nostril. I also have what I think is an age spot that seems to be taking over my forehead – to the point that my roommate asked me if I have a bruise on my forehead. I’m getting a little paranoid that it’s skin cancer or something. While I’m sure it’s not, I might just get it checked out anyway. Anyway, my point is, I’m 26 and I’m old.

That leads me into the topic of the “quarter life crisis.” I would just like to say, I think it’s crap. Someone sent me an article about QLCs and I couldn’t get all the way through it. It’s crap. People blame irresponsibility and a desire to stay young forever on age, when in reality, we are immature.

Look at generations before ours. People were married, living on their own, raising children, working jobs, paying bills all by like 22 or 23. Now at 23 people look at you funny if you’re engaged. They say “you’re too young,” and we buy it. People make excuses for our irresponsibility, so we feel better and the cycle is perpetuated. We continue with our bad behavior, we live with our parents, we travel for a year, we live off of our parents, and all the while, our stupid decisions and mistakes are forgiven because we’re “young.”

30 years ago 26 was not young – at 26 you were expected to be an adult. Albeit, gender rolls differed 30 years ago from what they are now, but I don’t want standards lowered for me.

I basically think the whole “quarter life crisis” thing is crap, and I also don’t think it is a “crisis.” Now, acting out in your mid 20s is tolerated and almost encouraged now which really bothers me. It encourages a lack of responsibility and accountability. People have little to no expectation of what they can accomplish – or have to accomplish for that matter – in their 20s. No wonder people do terrible things in life and think they can get away with them – because we all feel entitled to x and that behavior is tolerated by society as a whole.

Take, for example, all the people who encourage not getting serious and “exploring your options” – in both relationships and work. How is it benefiting anyone to sleep around and not get serious? Isn’t the point of dating to find a mate, if you will? I don’t see how sleeping around does anything but hurt. Sure, it’s gratifying in the moment and it might feel good, but what’s beneficial about it? As far as work, I don’t see how not getting serious about a job can be good. That can set you back and who really wants to be the 30 year old just starting their 1st real job? Or why would you want to start a job that’s not going to lead to the career you want for your life? Why waste your time?

There are so many arguments from so many points, and it can be really interesting. Regardless, I don’t think the way 20 somethings act is the direct result of a crisis, I think it is a title that was kitschy and cute that caught on. Because of that people have made bad behavior acceptable. It makes things interesting. I like to see how people who don’t adhere to this mindset make it in life as opposed to people who do make room for a QLC.


One response to “Aging

  1. My big argument for not sleeping around is genital warts. Those things absolutely disgust me.

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