Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

Tonight’s show was SO good! I really how liked how it was all about story lines and not so much about them being doctors. I mean, obviously it was, but some shows are more about surgeries than stories and tonight was not. I knew that TR Knight and Katherine Heigl were leaving the show, and I knew Izzy was going to die tonight, but it was still sad. I still cried.


I didn’t get the 007 reference that George used to tell Meredith who he was. I don’t remember that ever being in the show, but who knows, I’ve been watching this for what, 4? 5 years now? Crazy. Either way, I did NOT see that coming! I just figured George would join the army and go off to Iraq with the possibility of the character returning at some point in the future.


Derek and Meredith’s “wedding” was cute and it fits them, but I thought it was disappointing. Put life ahead of work, just go to the stupid court house. I do love that Christina is finally becoming a human though.

Arizona’s speech to Callie about the army made me cry. The whole stupid show made me cry, but I couldn’t help but cry when they actually showed a positive perspective about joining the army on the show – so many people are so against it all and I definitely feel like there is a negative connotation when people talk about “serving the country” although it’s masked by the patriotism people feel they are supposed to show – the majority of people are too PC to openly admit opposition to the army and if they do, they oppose the war, not the individuals. I don’t see the separation.

I guess the only real questions I have are what happens with Bailey? Does someone talk her into doing pedes or is that the end of it? What does Alex do? Does he stay in the program? What happens with McDreamy and Little Grey? Do they stay together? They’re my fav right now.

Sorry if I just ruined it for anyone…


One response to “Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

  1. I am pretty sure the 007 reference is from the very first episode when he was chosen to do the apendictomy and choked. All the other interns nicknamed him 007 “licensed to kill”.
    It was great finale!

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