New Apartment Means Decorating

So in June I am moving into a new apartment in the same building I am currently living in. It is bigger and it will be cheaper. Yay! This also means I get to decorate and I have been searching the interwebs for ideas. I’ve also been watching a lot of HDTV. On an episode of some home makeover show on there, the designer used a “wall tattoo” that I thought was pretty neat, so I started looking into those.


I found these chandelier wall adhesives for $30 each. I definitely like the idea of having multiple though, and the whole idea behind this is to be cheap. So next, I went on a hunt to find a cute chandelier stencil and that led me to Etsy where I found this:


I still love the idea of putting chandeliers on a wall, but I think I might forgo the idea because the style doesn’t match most of what I already have in my room. It could be a really cute decor idea for the dining area, however.


3 responses to “New Apartment Means Decorating

  1. Heather Truettner

    Your pictures are fabulous. Be careful with etsy, I tend to spend hours at a time on there and get lost in all the amazing things people create!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I love that you can see the depth on each and every decoration. It makes me want to run my hand over the gold roping. Wonderful work.

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