Conundrum White Table Wine

I was given a bottle of Conundrum White Table Wine for Christmas and it has been gathering dust ever since.


I opened it up last week because it was the last bottle of wine I had and I wanted to have a glass of wine. Oh. my. goodness. It was SO good. It’s sweet and smooth and a nice summer wine. I found it at a wine store and it runs about $27. I can’t drink it all the time, but you better believe I am adding it to my favorite wine list (and I’m only a white drinker during the summer).


One response to “Conundrum White Table Wine

  1. A friend gave me a bottle for my wife who enjoys a good white wine and much to our surprise she was totally impressed wiht the flavor. I hope my wife dosn’t like it to much its not a bargain wine but well worth the venture.OK I’ll buy a case if asked :)

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