My New Sconces

There is a woman who sits outside of her building down the street from me with stuff. She always has stuff out that she is selling. Apparently she goes to thrift stores and street vendors and things where she buys all her stuff. Sometimes she has some really nice stuff.


This weekend I was looking for a small dish to sit on my bathroom counter that I can put my jewelry in at night. When I was out shopping on Friday for a little while I looked for one and couldn’t find what I wanted. On Saturday, on my way out, I stopped there just to see what she had. I came across these beautiful rod iron sconces. I’m not sure if I want to leave them as is or paint them. And if I do paint them, I’m not sure if it will be a light color to make them more “shabby chic” or if it will be a dark color. I was sort of mulling over the ideas of either a creamy yellow or black with a sort of sheer bronze layer over that. My mom says she likes them now they are…we’ll see.


Then I asked the lady if she had a dish to put my jewelry in. She has a bunch of milk crates full of stuff that she doesn’t always set out. She started digging in one and said, “watch me pull out exactly what you’re looking for,” which she did. It’s crystal and small and beautiful and I love it. I’d put up a picture, but I forgot to take one.


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