My brother…

This morning I called my dad to tell him I saw Bruce Willis last night, because he loves Die Hard and, lets face it, I’m still really excited that I saw him. When I finished he told me that my brother spent the night in the hospital last night. Stop. What? I might not get along very well with my brother, but mostly because I worry about him and don’t approve of a lot of what he does, not because I don’t love him.

Apparently he was longboarding in Huntsville when a car pulled out in front of him. According to his Twitter he hit it going 35 mph and then a parked car. My dad says he has to go up there today to get him because his friends left last night. Good friends. His Twitter says he has 5 broken ribs, and my dad says he may have a concussion, may have a broken elbow and has a bunch of stitches. Hopefully this doesn’t result in him having a bunch of hospital bills as well as having to pay for repairs to the 2 cars. I would imagine he at least caused dents. I hope he’s ok…I hear broken ribs are painful. I can’t imagine 5.


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