Apt Stuff

Last night I unpacked my last box. I still have some random piles of crap around my room that I need to sort through and throw away or decide what to do with, but for the most part, I’m done. Yay. It was my box with all my pictures and wall decorations. I had some frames in my old room on the windowsill and had some frames arranced to make a big rectangle on the wall. I also had a wall with all my crosses I’ve collected over the years just inside my door. I decided that on the wall in the hallway leading into my room, just inside my door this time that I wanted to hang all my frames and make a cool shape, so I did. Not sure what I’m going to do with the crosses yet – for now they’re on a shelf in my closet. This is what my frame arrangement looks like (Love!):

Picture Collage

I also found this idea in the latest issue of InStyle. I can’t find it anywhere online, so I took a picture of the page – ghetto style.

InStyle Wall Idea

I have always loved white boxes made from molding on colorful walls. This is a great, cheap, temporary solution. I wish I had a bold wall to do this on!


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