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Future Convicts of America

“I wanted to do it cause it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things.”

“I wanted to do hoodrat things for my friend.”

Wow. There are seriously so many things wrong with this video and the way some children are raised.



This morning on the way to work I also walked past Nine West. I LOVE these shoes from their Boutique9 collection!




Trying SO hard not to shop…must. save. for. Australia!

Alexander McQueen

I’ve got to be honest, I love me some Alexander McQueen. I fell in love with his handbags last September in Vegas and haven’t looked back since. Some of his stuff can be a little out there for me, but I keep going back for more.


This is the Black Victorian Tailored Dress and it is beautiful. I noticed it this morning in the window at Saks as I was walking to work. Love!

Next, the Black Ripper Bag. I find it to be visually interesting, slightly edgy, but still something I could make sweet.

I think this Red Knuckle Duster Clutch is amazing. I would never carry it because I’m really not into the whole scull thing, but I LOVE the idea of the handle being rings. It is so cute!

Finally, I just think the Black Python Faithful Glove Clutch is hot. I would probably never carry it because the glove is a little too edgy for me, but gosh I wish I could pull it off. I can totally see Rihanna carrying this and it being amazing.

Ribbon Coat Rack


I am OBSESSED with this ribbon coat rack for £60 by UK company Headsprung. I can actually picture it just inside my door on this big blank wall we have. I really wish it was in the US and cheaper!


For our apartment, we need coasters. We can never find the ones we have and never seem to be enough.

A while back I bought some green and white yarn when I was buying wash cloth yarn that I liked, but didn’t have a use for. I decided it would be perfect to make coasters out of. While I was looking for patterns, I found one that I loved, but it was crochet. I thought, aww, screw it, I’ve been wanting to teach myself crochet, I’ll give it a go.

I started looking on the internet at videos and abbreviations and thought I had it all figured out, but after trying the first coaster 2 or 3 times, it just wasn’t working out. Then I asked the group I get together and knit with if someone could help me out. A meetup was scheduled just for crochet time and I went. They answered some really helpful basic questions for me that are so basic, the answers don’t seem to be anywhere cause people seem to think you have a basic understanding when you try to start. I did not. Anyway, turns out I was just missing something in the patten, but got it all figured out at our meetup. I have now made 4 coasters and I think I have enough yarn left for 1 or 2 more.

As I finished each coaster, I realized all but one looked off balance and not quite round.

Well, this particular pattern is meant to be done in 2 different colors of yarn, but I thought they looked a bit 70s, so I just went with one, which I like better. Well, because of that, I apparently haven’t been completing the edging all the way – I’ve been crocheting on the subway and not paying the best attention. If I was to have done these in 2 colors it would have been almost impossible not to complete the edging. So, now I have to go back and finish so they don’t look like amoebas. Other than that, I think they’ve turned out quite nicely.

My week

I’m pretty busy this week!

Monday: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and get Grimaldi’s with Jill
Tuesday: Sit n Knit Meetup. I am making this:
XO Wrap
Wednesday: 3 different Happy Hours/Parties for work
Thursday: Going away party for one of my colleagues who is moving to Chicago.
Friday: Kings of Leon concert at the Today Show
Saturday: 2 birthday parties and a wedding that I’m not going to be able to make it to (I’m really sad about that).

Busy, busy, busy

Overused Words

In the ’90s people said “dude” and “like.” In the early ’00s, people said “your mom.” In business presentations people said, “um.” People are now replacing those words with “honestly,” “I mean…” “I feel like,” and “Yeah, no…” or “No, yeah…”
These new words or phrases have really inundated the vocabulary of almost every person I know. I hear them all the time and it’s almost completely unnecessary to attach any of these to the beginning of a sentence. They seem like a very passive way to disagree or even agree to me. They’re a cover up for what a person is really trying to say, but doesn’t want to come out with because they don’t want to appear confrontational. I guess it really just bothers me that people aren’t comfortable saying what they mean and if they’re not comfortable there are 2 things that need to be considered…maybe they shouldn’t be saying it at all, or maybe we have become far too sensitive as a culture.