Through a different Lens

Lately I feel like I’ve had a different way of looking at things. After discovering the blogs of some amazingly visual people (designers, graphic designers, photographers, etc) I feel like I am looking at everything through the lens of a camera and spotting all the beautiful pictures.

Last week on the way from my grandma’s to dinner in the middle of nowhere Michigan I spotted two pine trees growing together and they kind of looked like one, except one was green and the other was slightly blue. I thought it was beautiful, but didn’t have time to take a picture as we were driving by and it was dark when we drove back home.

Luckily, my brother and parents were staying longer than I was and I asked my brother to take a picture with his fancy, expensive camera. He just sent me this:

Blue&Green Treesjpg



2 responses to “Through a different Lens

  1. I really love this. I think it has such beautiful symbolism about two things (people) that are different but can grow into one! (That was my random deep thought of the day) Now back to finance mumbo jumbo!

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