CLB_Dillan Ruffle Shoes
My friends sent me a link to these Christian Louboutin Dillian Ruffle Shoes and I am lusting after them. Unfortunately, they are $1,695. I wear a 9.5 in case anyone is feeling generous or Christian Louboutin himself sees this. Until then, I will continue to gaze at the picture in love as I will never so much as be able to try these shoes on.


5 responses to “Ruffles!

  1. if we wore the same size we could share :)

  2. So $850 a piece? I could swing that…in like 6 months.

  3. split 3 ways?

  4. Hey, I’m pretty sure you two actually do wear the same size. Tash, it looks like you’ll just have to move to NY so you two can get to sharing! :) I will just envy. Or start binding my feet.

  5. yes natashia! please move to new york! (not just so we can share shoes)

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