Place Card Holders

These ideas could be really cool for dinner parties. I love place cards!

Cork Card Holder
I’ve been collecting corks for about a year now and I haven’t really been sure what I want to do with them. I am thinking on one of my blank walls I am going to hang corks on fishing line in some sort of pattern, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve been inspired by a piece of modern art in the Met, but need to go back and photograph it. I could do this with some of my corks though. I love the idea of a cork place card holder!

twig place card holders
I can’t help but think these would be perfect for a Christmas dinner party and such a good Friday night in activity!

Finally, these vintage flower frogs would be awesome to use as place card holders and then reuse as picture holders. I know they’re not actually frogs, but that’s what they’re called.


6 responses to “Place Card Holders

  1. Those cork place card holders are really cute! Now I just need a big enough party… (and enough corks!)

  2. I love Friday night in crafts!

  3. Jen and Mark use corks as their table number holders at their wedding and it was super fun1

  4. here’s an idea i saw and thought of your cork collection

    • That is SO cute! I’ve been wanting to do exactly that, but with coffee beans. I think you’ve opened my eyes to a fun new ides…or maybe I could do both together!

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