Overused Words

In the ’90s people said “dude” and “like.” In the early ’00s, people said “your mom.” In business presentations people said, “um.” People are now replacing those words with “honestly,” “I mean…” “I feel like,” and “Yeah, no…” or “No, yeah…”
These new words or phrases have really inundated the vocabulary of almost every person I know. I hear them all the time and it’s almost completely unnecessary to attach any of these to the beginning of a sentence. They seem like a very passive way to disagree or even agree to me. They’re a cover up for what a person is really trying to say, but doesn’t want to come out with because they don’t want to appear confrontational. I guess it really just bothers me that people aren’t comfortable saying what they mean and if they’re not comfortable there are 2 things that need to be considered…maybe they shouldn’t be saying it at all, or maybe we have become far too sensitive as a culture.


One response to “Overused Words

  1. you must hate me. i always say “i feel like…”

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