Monthly Archives: August 2009

Our 2 weeks of summer

Dear Summer,

You came late and you’re leaving early. Do you hate us?

Love, New York



Fernfrost Shawl


I intend to make this for tbf’s mom for Christmas. I think it’s so pretty and I picked up this perfect periwinkle color. I think it is light enough that it will be able to function really nicely almost as a neutral. I think with black it could almost look like a grey. Apparently periwinkle is her favorite color too. I’m excited to get this on my needles – I feel like I suddenly have so much knitting to do!

All I got for now.

There seems to be a direct correlation between having a lot to do at work and me having nothing to say.

A girl I was friends with in high school (and her husband) are having a baby. I am following her on facebook and her blog. We don’t talk anymore, but I love keep up with them and following their story. I want to anonymously send them a hand knitted gift for their baby. Too creepy?

My back has been hurting for about a week now. I’m not sure if it’s a pinched nerve or something more serious. It’s getting worse and last night I couldn’t sleep. This morning I called the internist I was given the name of. The girl who answered the phone put me on hold at will. They couldn’t get me in this week at all. They didn’t have a nurse I could speak to. And when I asked if they could recommend anyone in the area who might be able to get me in this week, she said they just had the 2 doctors in the office (which she also told me when I asked about a nurse).


The Knot Cookies

So I was sitting here at my desk, trying to get some of my work done when one of the girls at reception calls me and says I have a package? Me? I wasn’t expecting anything. I went up and got this box that said Eleni’s on the outside. I then determined it was from the site, The Knot. I got back to my desk, opened it up and found the most adorable cookies! They are themed to be representative of the property and are so adorable! I just had to share.




I took the weekend off and tried to get away this weekend. I went out to Montauk with some friends to clear my mind and get away. From everything. It was so nice to just lay on the beach. I did, however, get a bit restless because I’m so used to always being on the go and having things I need to get done. It was nice to bbq and have bon fires on the beach. It was even nice to be able to drink without worrying about whether it would keep me from being productive the following morning. I definitely needed that, but I think I could have stood another 2 or 3 days on the beach.

I still thought about work and other things most of the weekend and could feel my heart rate increase as those things came to mind. Too bad I couldn’t clear my mind completely. Oh well, I tried. I’m definitely so glad I went!

I’m on a Boat!

NY On a Boat

Please forgive the quality of this picture, I was on a moving boat and couldn’t hold still. Last Thursday night we went to a booze cruise (kind of). It was on a barge that is anchored between Jersey City, the financial district and Ellis Island. There was a big speed boat that functioned as a taxi out there. Very, very cool.

Yankees v Red Socks

Last Thursday I went to the Yankee’s v Red Socks game in the new Yankee’s Stadium. It’s the second time I’ve been there and that place is pretty great. This time we sat in the Audi Club. It’s definitely not the same experience as sitting in a regular seat, but it was very conducive to the social aspects of a baseball game. It was great to be there for the Yankee’s to be the Red Socks for the first time in 8 games.

Audi Club

The food there was definitely amazing. My only complaint about the night is that you didn’t get the roudy atmosphere of the game because we were behind a wall of glass. On the flip side, it was pretty quiet which, depending on who you are, could be really nice. Like watching the game at home, but cooler.