JCPenny is marketing to ME


Today on my walk to work I saw a JCPenny Street Team just outside Times Sq (or in it depending on what you consider Times Sq) near my office. I really have no idea what they were doing because it was 9am and I was going to work. I did, however, stop to take a pic because I thought it was interesting.


Then, a few minutes ago while perusing facebook I noticed a JCPenny ad on the right side of my screen. They’re totally following me! I’m sure their audience is women, but I wonder what age range. I always feel like their ads are directed at like 18-24, which I don’t fall into. I wonder if I’m a nice to have or their actual target. Well, now that I’m thinking about it, I have to be in their target since facebook is so hyper targeted to what people have in their profiles. It’s interesting.


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