I took the weekend off and tried to get away this weekend. I went out to Montauk with some friends to clear my mind and get away. From everything. It was so nice to just lay on the beach. I did, however, get a bit restless because I’m so used to always being on the go and having things I need to get done. It was nice to bbq and have bon fires on the beach. It was even nice to be able to drink without worrying about whether it would keep me from being productive the following morning. I definitely needed that, but I think I could have stood another 2 or 3 days on the beach.

I still thought about work and other things most of the weekend and could feel my heart rate increase as those things came to mind. Too bad I couldn’t clear my mind completely. Oh well, I tried. I’m definitely so glad I went!


2 responses to “Montauk!

  1. Did you get to see the Montauk Monster? (dead raccoon)

  2. I knew everyone was going to ask that question. No. No dead anything. Well – I guess I saw a dead seagull…

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