Best email exchange of the Week

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to send a quick note reminding ya’ll that the [Texas Tech] game will not be televised this weekend and our alumni bar will not be airing the game via radio, but please do not let that discourage you for the following weekend… UT vs TEXAS TECH!!! I will be sending out an email with all the pertinent information in regards to game day, and I hope you all come out and support our Red Raiders.

L & E


Dear New York Techsans/L/E,

I have been following TTU alums activities in NYC for years and greatly appreciate what our local alum club leaders are doing. I have a few ideas and wanted to see what y’all are thinking, feel free to write back your feedback and suggestions. I think we should have some gatherings in addition to football game related activities. Some of us have weekend classes or other activities planned during the weekend, others live outside of Manhattan and coming back here is not very convenient. Why don’t we try meeting during the week after work for coffee/tea or at the Bryant park or Central park? Techsans – feel free to propose other meet-up ideas.

I would also welcome getting back in touch with Techsans who are interested in any of the following topics:

– Software Engineering (including solutions for the investment community, IB, PE, VC)
– Improvisation Comedy (we can organize our own games)
– Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan
– Ninja Warrior or strength training enthusiasts
– Outdoor activities in Queens or Long Island

We could also meet in Queens/Long Island or Midtown, so if you happen to be near Kew Gardens/Forest park OR midtown/Bryant park – give me a holler. By the way, I am on LinkedIn as well – here is my profile.

Response to a small group of friends on the list:

Please tell me that one of you are meeting up with [the guy who wrote the last email]? This email has made my Friday that much better. Favorite part you ask? When young [guy who wrote email above] asked for individuals interested in: Improvisation Comedy (so that you can organize your own games) Russia, Ukraine or Taiwan and of course Ninja Warrior (or strength training enthusiasts).

You all must go to Kew Gardens, meet this person and send me pics.
Thank you for your time.


2 responses to “Best email exchange of the Week

  1. Nice! If only we had people that cool in the Bay Area :)

  2. I’ll be moving to the Bay Area soon. Where all my ninjas at?

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