Girl Crushes

So I discovered Taylor Swift in 2007 and fell in love with her music. It is widely known among my friends that I want to hang out and be best friends. She’s so cute and seems so sweet and fun!


The other night on the Jay Leno show I watched because Jennifer Garner was on. Then she was on Ellen, so I DVR’d that. I definitely have a new girl crush. She’s so funny and sweet! I also want to be best friends with her. It could happen.

Jennifer Garner on Ellen

The Ellen video was way better than Jay’s – you can find it here.


4 responses to “Girl Crushes

  1. taylor swift is very gorgeous that i had ever ever seen…l

  2. your are beautiful and
    do you think ‘ are
    going happy for ever

  3. ty your beautiful i love you

  4. She is my idol ^_^

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