Scariest Work Commute Ever


So last night I get home and my roommate proceeds to tell me about her commute home from work. She was standing on the subway platform and noticed a commotion behind her so she looked to see what it was and noticed a dark complected man standing on the tracks with his arms out like a T. Someone went to the station agent and told him he had to stop the train that was coming and my roommate, as I also would have, started freaking out. She heard the train coming and looked away…when she looked back, he was gone. She asked a guy by her if the train got him, but apparently it was the express train and he was on the local track. When she wasn’t looking, people had pulled him out. Not sure what happened to him after that.

But seriously, if that had happened to me, I would have thought I was going to die right there because of all the terrorism stuff that has been going on here. I wouldn’t have been able to think anything but suicide bomber. So. Scary!


One response to “Scariest Work Commute Ever

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s my worst nightmare. Not the suicide bomber thing, but seeing someone get hit by a subway.

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