Texans for Rick Perry, I do not support thee

At some point I somehow managed to get onto the Texans for Rick Perry mailing list. I think this was because when I was in college a friend worked for the campaign, asked me to sign up, I thought nothing of it, did and that was that. Apparently he is campaigning again because I have gotten several emails from Texans for Rick Perry over the last month or two. I have clicked on the unsubscribe link with every email. In fact, I even called one of the people who emailed me and asked to be removed. I just got another email and called Rick Perry’s office to ask to be removed. The girl I talked to said she would do it. Rick Perry, I don’t support you. I actually don’t live in Texas anymore and haven’t for more than half of your term in office. I don’t care to receive emails about you. I don’t care to vote for you. I believe under the Can Spam Act I can actually sue Texans for Rick Perry for continuing to receive these emails. Rick Perry, take me off your mailing list!


One response to “Texans for Rick Perry, I do not support thee

  1. Apparently Rick Perry loves you!

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