Martha Stewart

Last week I went with some friends to see the Martha Stewart show. One of the girls had put in for tickets online and got some. She seems to be good at that – she was also picked in the raffle to run the NYC Marathon (I have other friends who’ve tried for 3 years and not gotten in).

The set of the Martha Stewart show was BEAUTIFUL. These are some of the pictures I took that don’t do it justice. It was really amazing. I want that set to be my house!

Pictures 005

Martha herself seemed a little awkward to me, although, I have to give her credit, she wore some amazingly tall heels – completely unexpected by me. She was definitely reading straight from the teleprompter the whole show – whereas I feel like most of the shows I’ve seen, the hosts definitely deviate from the prompter or know what is written well enough that they don’t really need to read it. Maybe that’s because people like Ellen, Conan, John Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, etc, are really involved in what is written for their shows. Maybe not so much in Martha’s case?

Pictures 006

Either way, going to the show was so interesting, and we got some great free stuff, Martha just seemed uncomfortable to me.

Pictures 007


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