How I’m doing on my list of things to do

In January of this year, rather than making a New Years Resolution I was sure not to keep, I made a list of things to do. You can find it here. With one quarter left in the year I am evaluating how I’m doing and when I still need to do.

* see a ballet (going to see the Nutcracker – and the Rockettes, but they don’t count as a ballet)
* go to at least 4 Julliard performances (multiple more in the works)
1. Jan 13 – Chamberfest 2009
2. Apr 6 – Juilliard Orchestra
3. Oct 14 – Juilliard Jazz Ensemble
* snow ski at least once
* visit Boston
* visit DC
* visit San Francisco (Prob going to be 2010)
* Chicago for Easter
* Houston for Memorial Day or 4th of July but actually in March and again for the Tech/Texas football game)
* read at least 10 books (I need to get on this)
1. Atonement by Ian McEwan
2. American Wife by Curtis Steppenfield
3. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell
4. An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady (Laura Bush) (This was a follow up to American Wife, to see how much of it was actually truthful and how much was fiction.)
5. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max
* knit my first pair of socks (one done, one to go)
* knit my first sweater
* participate in the race for the cure
* get below 130 (129 counts)
* be able to do the splits again
* work a job where I don’t feel like I’m recessing
* see the Frick collection
* Go to the MOMA
* Go to the Guggenheim
* Go to Brooklyn for more than taxes (Explored Prospect Park, ty very much!)

Also walked the Brooklyn Bridge, which wasn’t initially on my list, but was added in about March. I think I’m doing pretty well, but I still have a lot to do.


4 responses to “How I’m doing on my list of things to do

  1. I feel like this should have been my list too because I inadvertently have done a lot of these things with you.

  2. You haven’t read the books with me. Or knitted with me. Or worked out with me!

  3. Let me know when you are here in San Francisco!

  4. oh… i like this idea. i am so going to steal it. well not steal but use the idea. yippie.

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