Movie Marathon Day

Today I had a movie day. It was supposed to be rainy outside all day and I never see any movies anymore, so I decided to go see a couple movies I’ve been wanting to see.


First, tbf and I went and saw Couples Retreat after meeting up with his brother-in-law for brunch. The movie was cute. It never made me laugh out loud, but lets be honest, not much (on tv or in movies) makes me laugh out loud. I thought it was cute and would definitely watch it again. I enjoyed the cast full of familiar faces, although I didn’t buy Kristen Davis’s character’s (Lucy) relationship with her husband and what came of it in the end. In the end, I definitely enjoyed this movie and wished I had seen it second.

Then I did a bad thing. For the first time ever I snuck into a movie!


However, I saw the Invention of Lying second, and I don’t think I would have stuck around to see a second movie if I had seen this one first. A few weeks ago, Ellen had Jennifer Garner on her show promoting this movie. I a. developed a giant girl crush on Jennifer Garner, and b. decided this movie sounded so funny. Then she had Jason Bateman on to promote the movie as well. Ironically, he was in both of the movies I saw today. The idea of the movie sounds cute. No one in the world has even thought to lie and can’t conceive of it, but the main character, Mark Bellison – played by Ricky Gervais – manages to lie to his mother as she is dying to comfort her about the afterlife. I promise, I didn’t just ruin the movie. He then realizes what he can get out of lying to people and basically makes himself rich and powerful to get the girl, Jennifer Garner, who is not interested in him. It ends in a cute way, but overall, I was disappointed and didn’t find this movie to be as good as I was expecting. It seemed to be express someone’s opinion and dislike of religion and seemed to have too many untertones to me. Too bad — it seemed to have potential.


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