Recent Etsy Finds

This week while looking for birthday presents for tbf’s sister I discovered the shop, Seja B. She has some really pretty pieces. We bought his sister this necklace, which I think can be nice and neutral:
bird necklace
I also found this one that I want. I love it, it’s beautiful, I’d wear it all the time!
MultiStone Necklace

Through following Etsy on Twitter I also found the shop Clemantine Rex this week. They make laser cut bamboo necklaces and I really want this one:
CharlieBrown Necklace
This necklace really reminds me of Charlie Brown, because when the characters get mad or something they get a little cloud like this over their head. (Right? Even if they don’t, it still reminds me of Charlie Brown.) I love love love this and really want to buy it for myself…but I won’t. *frown*

I also found this necklace there, and you can choose from multiple colors for the background. Light blue, sage green, red, and maybe black? I think it’s really pretty.
RedBamboo Necklace

Finally, I’m really into the idea of aprons lately. I want to buy everyone I know an apron for Christmas. Hah. Maybe I should just buy myself one. Earlier this year I found the shop Boojiboo that has some pretty silhouettes, but they weren’t quite what I was looking for this week, so I went looking for more. I found the shop Aprons and More that has some really pretty aprons. They’ve found some really pretty fabric to make these aprons with. They also have some really great holiday aprons.
Flower Apron
Half Apron
I bought this last one for one of my best friends for her birthday.
Pink Apron


One response to “Recent Etsy Finds

  1. Those aprons ARE really cute!

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