Touristy Trip to Ellis Island & The Statue of Liberty

A few weeks ago my grandparents were here. My grandma had never been before and my grandpa had been here in 1957. I took 2 days off of work and got all kinds of touristy with them. My feet have never hurt so much! They wanted to go everywhere and everywhere we went.

Statue of Liberty

The Saturday of their trip they reserved tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ferry. I’d never been out to either, just been to Battery Park where I look from afar…and that was ok with me. The Statue of Liberty didn’t really blow me away, but one of the views from there was of all the ships waiting to make their way up the Hudson or East River. It’s crazy to me that they essentially have to stop and wait in line. Who knew!


Ellis Island was interesting in that looking out the windows of the main building, it doesn’t look like the rest of the island/buildings have been kept up and seem to be in pretty poor condition. The main room everyone had to congregate in while waiting to get into the country was pretty. I’m glad I went and did these things once, but I don’t think I’d do them again any time in the near future.

Ellis Island


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