Knit Life

I recently finished my first Christmas presents. A hat and matching scarf. I still have quite a bit to do, but I’m proud of myself. One person down. No pictures, because well, they could see this.

I am also trying to finish this wrap I’ve been working on since late summer. I’ve taken breaks from it because the cabling just drove my crazy – it was so time consuming! Then, when I finished the cabled part, I needed to add the edges and picking up 750 stitches seemed so daunting, that I put it down for quite a while. Well, I’m motivated again and have 2.5 of the sides done. It will be done before the weekend. I’m proud of it and it’s one of my favorite yarns ever!


2 responses to “Knit Life

  1. I love the X and O pattern! I really want to get into knitting but I keep finding excuses not too! My last excuse that was by the time I get the hang of the knitting it will be summer and not in season!

  2. damn that’s good. all i can knit are scarves and not fancy ones either.

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