Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Last night I went to the Radio City Music Hall and saw the Christmas Spectacular! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Rockettes. It was definitely very kid friendly, but it was cute. I enjoyed myself and can now say I’ve both been to Radio City Music Hall and seen the Rockettes.

They did all kinds of dancing from ballet to tap. I was really surprised that the girls actually sang while dancing and they sounded so good. I was very impressed. Not with the child 3 rosw in front of us who threw a tantrum for 45 minutes, but with the show for sure.

Also, some of the schwag they had was crazy. Martini glasses with kicking legs, fans with skirts that spin parallel to the floor as if dancing – all kinds of kooky things.

During the show, I had kind of an idiot moment. There’s a scene where some kids are reading the Christmas story from the Bible. I was like…this is really weird that they have this in there. Why would they include this? That is how much NYC has worn on me. Helloooooo?!? Christmas is one of the major pillars of the Christian religion. Why would that NOT be included?! In my New York mind people would be upset or angry that that was included because they may not be Christian and so many people here are so touchy. But how do you have a Christmas spectacular without including that?! I felt a little ashamed that I actually had that thought.


One response to “Radio City Christmas Spectacular

  1. I had the same thought re the “Christ”mas part. I felt uncomfortable about it at first then realized that you thought as well, it’s the whole reason for the season.

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