Pumpkin Pie – My first Time

This weekend tbf and I went down to Philly to do Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle. I was responsible for the desserts. I made a family recipe, carmelitas, which I pretty much make for everything because people love them. I also made a pumpkin pie. Who doesn’t do pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?!?

I made it from scratch – well, not the pumpkin. I even made the crust from scratch, which I was nervous about because I never had before…and because I don’t have a rolling pin. I just pressed it out with my hands, but then was nervous about getting it from the counter into the pie plate, so I dusted it with flour, folded it up and moved it. Not problems. It unfolded just fine.

My aunt and uncles are foodies and they complimented the pie, saying it was cooked perfectly – not to long and not to little. They were saying it’s easy to under cook pumpkin pies and leave them a little mushy. They also seemed really into the crust. Yay! Apparently they told my grandma and the rest of the family because everyone is telling me I made a great pie. Haha. I feel like a child who just used the toilet for the first time. People seem so excited! Surprise, I can cook! (I always knew it – I’ve been doing it for like 10 years now – I guess the rest of the family just didn’t.)


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