Things to do in 2010:

– Make a sweater
– Actually use my cookbooks (aka try new recipes)
– Send birthday cards to family and friends
– Read a book a month; I did not stick to my 10 books last year, so this may be a bit ambitious, but I have started a book club – yes, a book club – so we will see how it goes
– Attend 6 Juilliard performances – 3 in the spring and 3 in the fall
– Go to the Guggenheim
– Use all of my vacation days
– Take trips to Washington DC, Boston and potentially Maine and SF
– Pay off student loans – this is almost overly ambitious and probably not realistic, but a girl can dream
– Save 10% of my income on top of contributing to my 401K
– Work life balance. Work life balance. Work life balance.
– Organize a group for Race for the Cure (again)
– Run a race – Men’s Health Urbanathalon, Brooklyn half-marathon, Great Urban Race, etc.
– Learn to sew more than just pillows


4 responses to “Things to do in 2010:

  1. I request an apron!

  2. Don’t forget CitySolve Urban Race. It’s sim to gr8 urbn race


  3. I’ll go to Maine with you!

  4. I’ll do a lot of these with you! Just like last year. But definitely any and all races you would like!

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