Great News

So my family has this horrible genetic mutation (BRCA1) that wildly increases our chances of breast and ovarian cancer, among others (My mom’s mom and one of her sisters died from Ovarian cancer and my cousin, that sister’s daughter, had breast cancer at 30). There’s also a separate mutation that causes cancer of the duct between your liver and gall bladder (this is what my mom’s dad died from). I have been hounding my mom since my last aunt died 5 years ago to get tested to find out if she has the gene mutation. No point in my getting tested if she does not (because there’s no way I could have it), so the sooner she found out, the sooner I could be tested (since we were all 100% sure she had it).

She FINALLY got tested 2 weeks ago and received her results today. She is completely NEGATIVE for all 3 genetic mutations!!! This means her chances of breast cancer are normal, her chances of ovarian cancer are non-existent (because she had a preemptive hysterectomy in her mid-30s), and I’m normal too! No mid-30s hysterectomy for me, just a normal life with less worry. I’m so happy she was finally tested and I’m so ecstatic to know the results!!

Party party party!


3 responses to “Great News

  1. Melissa,
    This IS great news! My mom got tested a year or so ago is negative so I did the party dance too! It’s so scary but helpful to know what your genes may have in store for you!

  2. This is good news! It’s so nice to be able to live without all that worry. =)

  3. wow what great news!

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