2010 Oscar Fashion Review

So I watched the Oscars last night from red carpet to end. I was watching for a family member of mine who co-wrote and co-directed Up. When they won he didn’t even go on stage, just the other writer/director. Disappointing, but I’m so happy they won multiple awards!!!

I’m so happy Sandra Bullock won, and she looked so pretty last night! I loved the gold dress and the red lipstick with it. Her hair looked perfect – all in all, she and her stylist did a really great job. Her acceptance speech was so touching and she even threw a little comedy in there, she did a great job.

Jennifer Lopez also looked amazing. Her dress, by Armani Prive, was a very soft pink with beautiful detail that looked like big petals. I loved the dress, I want it.

I loved the huge bun Sarah Jessica Parker had, but her dress was awful. It looked like a sack…with a bunny tail.

Rachel McAdams looked great in this dressed that looked like it was painted in watercolors. I love the crisscross detail at the top that cinches in her waist. She looks good with any hair color – the blond looks great.

I loooooved Vera Farmiga in her fuchsia Marchesa ruffled gown. She looked amazing!

I did not like Zoe Saldana’s Givenchy Haute Couture gown. at. all. The pink sparkly corset top didn’t match the lavender skirt. The ruffles look like a junior high student cut up tissue paper and glued on little pieces – in fact, I think I did that in an art class when I was younger. There was just way too much going on with this dress, it didn’t look like it fit well around her hips and it looked a bit like an art project.

Carey Mulligan’s Prada gown that is embellished with crystals looks like a 1999 prom dress complete with asymmetrical hem line. Her look seems outdated to me – maybe it’s so fashion forward it looks old? Either way, I’m not a fan.

And P.S., what was up with George Clooney all night? He looked so pissed off. When everyone stood to give Mo’Nique (congratulations to her, btw) a standing ovation, he and his Italian lady friend remained in their seats. His hair looked bad too. It was all very odd.


One response to “2010 Oscar Fashion Review

  1. Carey Mulligan’s dress had little spoons and forks as crystals and jewels. I thought it was so cute and very wonderland-y. So I feel like she could get away with it. No?

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