It’s amazing to me what people mark as urgent in emails. I very, very rarely make use of marking an email “high importance” or “urgent.” There are people who do it for every email they send. Do they really think they’re that important to me? It’s amazing. Unless something significant happening depends on your email being read or responded to, it’s probably not that important. Billing is not one of those things. A red exclamation point in my in box means nothing to me – similar to “asap” (shudder).


4 responses to ““Urgent”

  1. I agree. I never send anything as urgent or with asap. I work in healthcare and the only things with the urgent status should be patient care related in my opinion! :)

  2. Truer words never spoken – “urgent” sucks – I want to respond with “do I know you?”

  3. Too bad I can’t mark gmail emails with urgent or else I’d mark EVERY dang email I send you with it! :P

  4. Gmail and me…we’re tight.

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