I FINALLY finished the socks I started making a year ago! The problem with sock, or gloves, or anything you make in twos is that you finish the first, are so happy to have it finished…and then you have to start all over to make the second. This is why so many people learn the “magic loop” method, where you’re able to knit both socks on the same needles at the same time. This way when you finish, you’re done and you don’t have to start all over on the second. It also ensures everything is the same length and has the same number of rows. I started the first sock last Easter and finished it within a month. I didn’t start the second until Christmas and I just couldn’t get into it – it took me 4 months…

Anyway, I’m done and they’re beautiful and I’m so proud of them!


3 responses to “Socks!

  1. Amazingly Adorable. I’m coveting them.

  2. YAYY those are sooo cuuuttee.

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