Times Square Car Bomb

Guess where I happened to be Saturday night.

My parents were here for the first time to visit me since I’ve moved here. Long time coming, huh? We went to Times Square to take pictures with all the lights on. Instead we stumbled on crowds and blocked streets. We thought at the time it had something to do with Arizona’s new law and the protests that were planned for the weekend. Then we saw a stretcher and someone said they thought there’d been a car accident. We asked a cop who told us a transformer has blown – basically he regurgitated what happened outside of my office a couple weeks ago (the transformer that blew and caused a large fire underground on 52nd St.). It wasn’t until we got back to my apartment and the New York Times put out the story that it was a failed car bomb.

So scary.


One response to “Times Square Car Bomb

  1. Wow! That is scary, glad it failed!

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