Monthly Archives: October 2010

30 Day Challenge

Last week I got an email from the Yoga studio I go to detailing a 30 day challenge they are having – easy – practice yoga every day for 30 days. I was immediately excited and would LOVE to do this. The problem here is that with my schedule and their schedule, I can already see that 30 days every day isn’t possible for me, I’d need them to have earlier morning classes and every day.

BUT, I decided that I’d like to challenge myself to my own 30 day challenge. I’ve been really bad about working out lately and have been feeling guilty about it – I needed a reason to get back on the wagon. So! My challenge:

Work out every day for 30 days for at least 30 minutes a day. At the end of the 30 days, if I am successful I will buy one or both of these for myself:

In gray.

The tough part to this challenge is I generally just buy things I want. I’ve been trying lately though to be good about my spending and these are fairly expensive, so I know I would feel guilty just buying them. I’m hoping if my challenge to myself is a success I won’t feel guilty for the reward.

I. lack. motivation.