How I Met Your Mother Jacket

Monday night in San Francisco after playing trampoline dodgeball, some friends and I ended up watching the episode of How I Met Your Mother that Katy Perry guest starred on. That’s the first time I’ve seen the show. So funny!

On the show, one of the characters wore a jacket that I absolutely loved. (About 11 minutes into the “Oh, Honey” episode.) While we were watching, I made a comment that I have gotten really good at seeing clothes or shoes on tv or wherever and searching them out on the internet. When I got to work on Wednesday (my first day back after vacation), it took me three clicks to find it. I’m getting good at this!

Bird by Juicy Couture ‘Brittney’ Suede Trip Peplum Waist Leather Jacket for $1150

Why must I always have insanely expensive taste. The more I look at this jacket, the more I love it. The more I love it, the more I consider splurging. Then I mentally slap myself and ask if I’m crazy. Once that’s all through, I stare at it, realize I have a sewing machine (with very elementary sewing skills) and think, how hard could it really be to make this? Then I think through how I would do it and get really excited. Then I realize if I try I will probably waste countless hours and lots of money and end up with something that looks like a Home Ec project. It’s all so depressing.


2 responses to “How I Met Your Mother Jacket

  1. I totally have a very similar thought process when I see things I like – but instead of thinking ” Oh, I have a sewing machine”, I think “Misslissa has a sewing machine”. :)

  2. you might like this site, if you haven’t already come across it

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