Current Fashion “Needs”

I got my tax return today and the responsible part of me is at great odds with the lover of pretty things in me. I should put my tax return in my savings account immediately. But I really, really want these:

As seen on Emma in last week’s episode of Glee – the Anthropologie Pom Flower Shift Dress

This Sunny Soiree Dress from Anthropologie that I would completely rock.

The hipster in me wants this dress, but I don’t think it would look good on me.

I am getting into flat/sandal mindset because nice weather is starting to try to peek it’s head through the clouds and snow. I want to be able to gallivant around town in these adorable flats from Aldo.


2 responses to “Current Fashion “Needs”

  1. I so want this dress. Seems I was asleep at the wheel when it hit sale. I live in a No Anthro Zone, so a few of my Readers are on the look out. Did you eventually score the Pom Flower Shift? Do you love it?

  2. I never did find the pom flower shift dress. :(

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