New York City Skyline Photo Project

So early this year I decided I wanted to make use of my nice camera by creating a photo project. My first idea was to set my camera up to take a picture out my livingroom window (my view is the NYC midtown skyline) every five minutes to see how things change in a day and then to make these into a stop motion video. Then I started thinking, how neat would it be to maintain this idea, but take a picture every day for a year so you can see the seasons change as the year goes on.

I still haven’t done my first idea, but I am working on the second. Here are some of the most contrasting photos I have so far:
Taken on 2/14/11

Taken on 2/20/11

Taken on 2/21/11

Taken on 2/25/11

Crazy how drastically the days can differ.

My daily picture is taken every morning before I leave for work, but I took this one on Valentine’s Day evening. Thought I would share it. I’ve also thought about taking pics every night to show the change of the lights of the city every day – the Empire State Building is different every day and I thought it would be neat to illustrate the holidays and special days through the year be it green/yellow lights for the Packers winning the Superbowl, red white & blue for the Fourth of July, in this case red, pink and white for Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully other people will think this project is as fun as I do!


4 responses to “New York City Skyline Photo Project

  1. Love it!

  2. Very cool.
    While reading this I was thinking, “She needs to take the pics at the same time each day.”, which apparently you’ve already thought of. Haha
    Awesome job.

  3. Elissa Burton

    So cool

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