Things I wish I had time to do every week:

Title is pretty self explanatory. I just don’t feel like I have enough free time to do everything I want to every day.

Things that are a must:
Sleep (wish I could get 8 hours, but it’s usually 6-7)
Shower and get ready for the day
Work (usually about 9 hours)
Make and eat dinner (tbf helps with this one – usually an hour or more with clean up and cook time)

Things I wish I could do every week:
Yoga every day (or maybe 5 days)
Run every day
Lift weight two or three times
Do some proper wedding planning/research and feel like I got something accomplished
Read a book
Read a magazine
Finish a knitting project
Play some Wii
Watch at least one movie (one at home and one at the theater?)
Get a meal with a friend or two
Wander the city (when it’s nice out)
Blog every day
Photograph things

This doesn’t even include regular life chores. Man that would be a busy life, but I wish even more that I really had time to do all of this regularly.


One response to “Things I wish I had time to do every week:

  1. I don’t even have a job and I find it impossible to accomplish all those things in a week.

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